When I say…

When I say…

August 4, 2009 6:57 pm 5,549 comments

When I say…

When I say, ‘Be here, be with me’,

Don’t think that I want to bind you;

Being with you is what I cherish,

The moments are forever, though few.

When I say, ‘Be truthful and honest’,

I also mean, ‘Be gentle and not rude’;

I want you to be happy and fair,

Better be stupid but not shrewd!

When I say, ‘I miss you so much’,

I mean to say, ‘I care, I really do’;

Nothing much that I really want,

It’s enough if you just say, ‘me too’!

When I say, ‘there’s a problem’,

Don’t shy away, just be there;

I’ll resolve, you need not,

Just be patient and give your ear.

When I say, ‘Don’t leave me ever’,

Won’t stop you but love will remain;

I know you’ll go where destiny takes,

If you’re mine – will come back again!